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DeFi Land:

DeFi Land’s public sale launched on Solanium, an influential IDO launchpad for Solana-based projects. It was completed on October 19th (raising the project’s follower count on Solanium to over 155K), and the token launch is planned for the end of the month. …

Swash’s mission is to create a fair data economy by giving profits back to people. Members receive passive income generated from their data that, without Swash, is already being shared for free.

About the Project

In recent years, data has become the new oil; an immensely valuable asset that is being used to…

News From Our Partners


Recently, ParallelFi announced they were using SubQuery data to power their DeFi platform. This is further proof that SubQuery’s tools are truly valuable to DApp developers, as they eliminate the need for them to build a custom data processing backend. … brings NFT application development to the masses through its no-code tools and enabling cross-chain transfers of NFTs.

About the Project is the first blockchain-agnostic NFT ecosystem that enables multi-chain support for NFTs, decentralized applications (dApps), and more. It is a Polkadot parathread aiming to break down barriers to entry for non-technical…

SubQuery is making decentralized data more accessible to blockchain developers, enabling them to build applications that query data faster.

About the Project

SubQuery’s goal is to make decentralized data more accessible and faster to query for developers building projects on Polkadot. Their solution filters and extracts chain data in real-time, transforms data based…

News From Our Partners

Aleph Zero: Nominated for Startup of the Year by Hackernoon

Following the August launch of their testnet, Aleph Zero was nominated for Startup of the Year by Hackernoon. They’re up against names like Cardano, Cosmos, and ConsenSys.

DeFi Land: Preparing for Beta Testing!

The DeFi Land team is preparing for the launch of their beta testing program. This exclusive opportunity will give players the chance to…

We’ve invested in DeFi Warrior: a blockchain-based game inspired by the universe of cryptocurrencies where players battle to earn crypto rewards.

About the Project

DeFi Warrior is a game that revolves around NFT warriors inspired by real cryptocurrencies, which have in-game attributes boosted by the real-time price movement of their respective coins. In…

News From Our Partners

ParaState: July Highlights

The ParaState team had a busy month, announcing the first 10 testnet validators on their platform and closing an impressive $5.5 million private fundraising round. ParaState aims to bridge the Ethereum development community with the Polkadot ecosystem, creating Ethereum-compatible smart contracts. …

News From Our Partners

Boson Protocol: Boson Pays Record $704K for Decentraland Plot to Create a Virtual Mall

The retail space will allow players of Decentraland’s browser-based game to purchase digital assets they can then exchange for physical goods and services. This is the largest ever purchase for a plot in Decentraland’s virtual world.

Marco joined the Walsh Wealth Discord group to share a glimpse into the technology and vision driving the ParaState project.

Marco, it’s a pleasure to have you here, thank you for joining us. We are excited about your project! Please first give us a little background about yourself and the team at ParaState.

Well, I am a blockchain tech early adopter and Bitcoin miner since 2016. I have a BA degree in business and finance, and proactively participate in Stanford programs like Economics…


Social Capital.

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